Universal Control Cab and HPU

All of our tools are designed to operate from our Universal Control Cab with an optional Hydraulic Power Unit. Contained within a standard shipping container, our Universal Control Cab provides a convenient, climate-controlled environment from which your team members can transport and operate your Radical Robotics equipment. These units come equipped with two control stations in the front section and storage space for up to six Radical Robotics cannons, cameras or sweeps in the back. They also have ample storage space to transport all of your cabling and hosing. In addition to our fully-enclosed Control Cab system, we also offer a completely portable Mini Control Station.

Design and Operational Benefits


  • Insulated control room with heating and air conditioning
  • Houses 6 tools, 1 Mini Control Station, 1 Automated Pressure Washer Unit & auxiliary hoses, cables and flanges for storage or transport
  • Operate up to 16 tools from each Universal Control Cab
  • Heated and cooled hydraulic loops for operation in extreme temperatures (-40°C – +50°C)
  • Universally compatible with all Radical Robotics products
  • Two control stations fitted with computers and dual-axis joysticks
  • 2 x 44” 4K Monitors for high-resolution video
  • Features Radical Software’s Tank Management Software
The logo for Radical Software


  • Visual Tool: Create a to-scale 3D environment with live tool feedback
  • Advanced rapid CFD simulations
  • Real-time 3D tank scanning
  • AI-assisted job analysis & automated cleaning system


  • Single 50 ft., 6 AWG/5C power cable
  • Heavy-duty cargo slides to manually position tools outside for ideal crane access
  • 4 x Electric Hose Reels with 250 ft. of 1/2” hose per reel with hose quick disconnects
  • Daisy-chainable hydraulics: Operates multiple tools from one supply line and one return line
  • Ultra-light data cable: 300 ft. weighs only 15 lbs.
  • Daisy-chainable data cable: Operate up to 16 tools from one data cable


  • Electrical:
    • Power Requirement: 240 VAC Three-phase, 60A, 25kW
      • Power Distribution:
        • 1 x 240 VAC Single-phase, 25A
        • 2 x 120 VAC Single-phase, 15A
        • 4 x 120 VAC Single-phase, 10A
    • Hydraulic:
      • 1600 RPM, 1.5kW
      • MAWP: 3000 psi
      • Continuous Pressure: 2500 psi
      • Maximum Flow: 5 GPM
      • 45-gallon hydraulic oil reservoir
    • Dimensions & Weight:
      • 8’ wide x 20’ long x 9’ 10” high
      • Dry Weight: 10,000 lbs.
      • Loaded Weight: 14,000 lbs.