Stage 2: Robotic Tank Sweeps

Rugged simplicity with automated or manual control. The Precise Tank Cleaning Tools tank sweeps can be job-specific or they can be installed on a more permanent basis for periodic desludging of the toughest residue in your tanks.

Our cutting-edge tank sweeps are designed for sealed entry and thanks to their 180º rotation on two axes, they’re an excellent tool to have on your job site.

As with all Precise equipment, Class 1 Division 1 CSA & UL/ ATEX Zone 1 certification is standard. Further, with our ability to work with our customers to individualize and customize, we can institute any specific design changes which will enhance these units to match up to systems or processes unique to your company.


Design and Operational Benefits

A Radical Robotics Tank Sweep
  • 180 degrees on one or two axes
  • High pressure nozzle available
  • Effective range: 80-100 feet per sweep
  • Each Tank sweep is capable of a throughput of Flow: 530-2700 gpm @ 4” class 150 to 3000-6000 gpm @ 6” class 150
  • Class 1 Div 1 CSA & UL/ ATEX Zone 1 Certified
  • Manual or automated control
  • Custom adapter flange sizes available
A Radical Robotics Tank Sweep
A Precise Tank Cleaning Tools Sweep Contracted into its housing
  • Fluid to Solids Ratio 1:1
  • 8 x 6 Centrifugal pump vac-assist is 10 cubes/ min 300 psi capable
  • Compatible with all Precise Universal Control Cabs, Mini Control Stations and Hydraulic Power Units