Tank Cleaning

The Radical Robotics automated tank cleaning system uses a combination of high-tech tools and software to provide the industry with a variety of zero-entry solutions, increasing safety and production

This system starts by using the robotic tank sweeps to inject high volumes of recirculated fluid at high velocity back into the tank with the goal of suspending solid deposits on the tank bottoms into the fluid layer for removal.

During tank circulation,Ā the fluid is slipstreamed through the CMT to separate the product and drop out solids,Ā with the fluidĀ thenĀ being reinjected into the tank of origin to aid in maintaining the circulation fluid level. This process is extremely efficient. The CMT ensures that theĀ Ā circulation never has to stop while the tank sweeps are the most powerful in the industry. Plus, connectivity to Radical Softwareā€™sĀ VantageSuiteĀ program ensures that the proper flow rate, viscosity, and heat level are maintained at all times to keep the process running as efficiently as possible.Ā 

Once the circulation is finished and the tank is pumped down, the robotic camera can then be used to confirm the manways are clear for opening. The Radical Robotics manway cannons can be installed to perform the initial debulk of the remaining tank bottoms to prepare for the final clean. Finally, the fully automated track machine can be deployed into the tank through a 24-inch manway, equipped with a water cannon and vacuum hose attachment for product removal. The track machine is used to get into areas that the cannons cannot reach and remove all remaining product within the tank. This unique blend of automated robotic equipment and powerful software allows for maximum efficiency during the planning and execution of each project.

Tools in the Precise Tank Cleaning System:

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