Robotics/Tracked Machines

Our remote controlled track machines have a collapsed outside dimension of twenty three inches and can be configured for a manned framework if required. Designed to utilize vacuum head, plow or water cannons, all available in an easy-to-use quick attach system. Optional weights for traction, high resolution cameras with infrared capabilities and CSA Certified to Class 1, Division 1.

Features and Benefits

  • Collapsed track outside dimension is 23″
  • Tracks expand and lift unit after insertion.
  • Tracked vehicle quick attach point utilizes plow, vacuum head or water cannon.
  • Can accept manned framework.
  • Optional weights for traction.
  • High luminosity light.
  • High resolution camera with IR capabilities.
  • All electrical components CSA certified to Class 1 Division 1.

Quick Attach Point

Water Cannon Configuration

Plow Configuration

Vacuum Head Configuration

Universal Control Cab and Optional HPU Unit