Radical Tank Management Software

The Radical Software suite is at the centre of the Radical Robotics industrial cleaning system and is the most powerful tool in your arsenal when it comes to planning your job. The fully-integrated solution allows you to build and manipulate an accurate 3D model of the tank. From there, you can place obstructions, nozzles, manways and d-doors to easily and intuitively construct a simulated environment for your project and build and an inventory of all the equipment required. If any custom adapter flanges are needed, the software has the ability to automatically generate and export a technical drawing that can be sent directly to your machine shop of choice, cutting down on expensive and time-consuming design hours.

The 3D model of the tank that is constructed within the program can also be used in presentations to clients or exported for use in Computational Fluid Dynamics programs.

Further updates to the software will allow you to scan the tank in three dimensions to find out the exact location of the solids inside. Advanced CFD simulations run natively within the software using proprietary models will allow you to visualize how the fluid and solids in the tank will react to your cleaning process before you even set up a piece of equipment. You’ll then be able to use the software to control your Radical Robotics tools in real time from any connected Radical Robotics Control Centre or Mini Control Station. A.I.-driven robotics will interact with the software’s models to calculate and execute the most efficient tank cleaning process. Our revolutionary tracked machine then uses a combination of the 3-D model and the A.I. technology to plot the most efficient course around the tank to achieve a white-glove clean without ever putting a man inside the tank.

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