Project Management

Whether you’re cleaning a single large tank, a group of smaller vessels or every tank and vessel on site, you’ll need a way to plan and keep track of every job on site.

Radical Software’s VantageSuite program offers an incredibly powerful range of tools that allow you to plan and execute any project to perfection.

  • Simplify Your Operation
    • Build your entire job site with absolute precision
    • Manage inventory with an industry-compliant flange adapter database
  • Take out the Guesswork
    • Simulate each project from start to finish
    • Accurately quote jobs
    • Reduce cost overruns
  • See what’s in your Tank
    • Revolutionary 3D Scanning process
    • Live 3D visual of sludge and solids inside the tank
    • Verify debulking efficiency in real-time
  • AI-Assisted Execution
    • Direct Tools for optimal efficiency
    • Instantly adapt to changing conditions
    • Ready for work 24/7
  • See what’s going on from anywhere
    • Remote diagnostics and support
    • Offsite monitoring and control
    • Record and replay previous jobs
    • Track project progress in real-time

Tools in the Precise Project Management System:

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