Portable Computer Numeric Control (CNC) Waterjet Cutting Systems

When it comes to tooling for mobile water jet cutting systems, we have found it to be a very personalized preference with specific tasks at each customers forefront. With immense experience in design and build of multiple water jet cutting systems and tools, our ability to tailor a system specific to your requirements is a simple smooth process. All systems are designed and built in-house ensuring quick turn-around and the ability to institute customized designs, expanding on our many existing products and knowledge.

  • Flexible track design allows for affixing to round and irregular surfaces.
  • Anti-backlash system allows for accurate cutting utilizing CNC control.
  • Height sense cutting head self-adjusts to follow non-flat surfaces.
  • Independent magnet clamping system allows for quick, safe setup and alignment.
  • Tracks can be cascaded together for continuous cutting over long travels.
  • Table mountable for conventional in shop manufacturing.
  • Operated from universal control cab.
  • Control interface can be easily removed from cab for in shop use.

Universal Control Cab and Optional HPU Unit