Past Deliveries

September 2021: Full Tank Cleaning Spread

Dual Control Center with HPU, 4-inch single axis sweep, High Impact Manway Cannons w/ auto wash system, Class 1/ Div 1 Remote Cameras, two monthly licenses for Radical Software's VantageSuite, Assortment of split flanges.

A large fluid transport and vacuum truck company with an industrial cleaning division in the Eastern North SAGD Heavy Oil area of Alberta wanted to increase their industrial cleaning capabilities. Their intentions were to:  

  • Increase the scope of their operations to include large diameter tanks and increase revenue stream 
  • Graduate into robotics to enhance their safe working practices and better appeal to customers from both a safety and efficiency perspective 
  • Reduce  dependency on manpower as they accomplished these goals
  • Escalating labour costs and availability in the industry. 

April 2021: Robotic Camera Rig

Robotic Camera and Lighting System, Mini Hydraulic Power Unit, Mini Control Station

An existing customer active across North America took delivery of a Mini HPU/Mini Control Station package along with a Robotic Camera and Lighting System to enable better utilization of their existing spreads.

All equipment supplied by Precise is universally compatible, giving the customer the ability to piece off certain components from their existing spreads such as manway cannon or sweeps to commence additional jobs prior to having their full spread available.

March 2021: Full Tank Cleaning Spread

Three High Impact Manway Cannons, 6-Inch Sweeps, two Class 1/ Div 1 Remote Cameras, Robotic Camera and Lighting Rig, Dual Control Centre with Dual HPU, Mini Control Station, Mini Hydraulic Power Unit, Auto Lens Wash System

A new customer operating Canada-wide with strategic U.S. locations took delivery of a new spread consisting of a full Universal Command Center equipped with extra roller systems and access doors to house both manway cannons and sweeps in one unit for transport.​

The spread included three high flow/high impact force manway cannons, 6-inch sweeps, with an assortment of split flanges and two remote Class 1/ Div 1 cameras for extra eyes on the job site. The spread also included the Class 1/ Div 1 robotic camera, which injects into any 4-inch class 150 nozzle or larger and a Mini Control Station/Mini HPU system enabling piece off of components from the main command center if required.

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