Independent Camera and Lighting Systems

Getting a good clear picture of what you’ve got to work with is the first step in understanding what you’re actually tackling. Our independent camera and lighting systems are designed for user friendly quick maneuverability. Roof mount, side mount, sealed entry if required with the most clear cameras available, class one/div one certified we utilize one of the most superior lighting systems available. 

Canadian Made

Easy Maintenance

Class 1 Division 1 Certified


Two points of articulation allow the camera to be angled in any direction within the tank. With a seamless view of the interior, any tank can be inspected with ease.

Collapsed, the entire lighting and camera system fits through a 4” opening on the tank. Once inside, the camera and lighting array opens up allowing for high resolution well lit video to be captured from within the tank.

The system is self-contained and requires a 120VAC connection only. Using our controls system, the cameras and lighting are operated from a single case at a safe distance from the tank.