High Pressure Water Cannons

Canadian Made

Easy Maintenance

Class 1 Division 1 Certified


Our water cannons were designed by significantly expanding on the existing industry accepted standards. Advances in reach, pressure, lighting, camera and control systems, vertical wash enabled, all were integrated into the design of these water cannons. Further detailed attention to maintenance and manpower requirements, ensure easily sourced parts within a world wide distribution network, and ease of handling by field personnel. Of note, these units were specifically engineered to supply maximum impact force with reduced water flow and pressure. All units are certified to Class 1 Division 1 specifications for explosive environments.

Design and Operational Benefits

  • Balanced lift lug on cannon for single person installation on tank.
  • Designed for reduced maintenance by removal of complex parts (gear box and motor).
  • Umbilical reduced to two hydraulic lines plus leak components.
  • Cannon has vertical operation with zero leak components.
  • HPU controls are universal for ROV, mover and cannon.
  • Can operate three units from HPU and Control Cab.
  • Live hose reels. Single person rig-in and rig-out.
  • One load.
  • Cold weather heating and circulating loops.
  • Climate controlled operating cab.
  • Two foot extension spool for installing on tanks with thicker walls.
  • Reduced pressure drop in cannon for increased stream distance.
  • Operated from universal control cab.

Universal Control Cab and Optional HPU Unit