Circulation Management Tank

The Radical Robotics Circulation Management Tank (CMT) is the latest innovation in a long line of industry-changing products from the Radical Robotics team. This unique portable separation tank uses revolutionary new technology to automate the product circulation process. The CMT features automated bypass when the tank is full and has the ability to alert you when it is ready to be emptied with a vac truck, essentially eliminating downtime. Designed for ease of use in the field, the unit has the ability to process 80 cubic metres per hour, maximizing product recovery and can be controlled using any Radical Robotics Mini Control Station or Universal Control Cab.

Design and Operational Benefits


  • Removes solids from product in tank
  • Processes at a rate of 80 m3 per hour
  • Demulsification- Separates water & oil for recovery or disposal


  • Fully automated single person operation from location of choice (CMT, Command Centre, Mini Control Station)
  • Fluid management and pump controls
  • Continuous Operation- Bypass loop when solid knockout compartments are full so process never stops, knockout compartments resume online once they are emptied with Vac Truck.


  • Hydraulic loading jacks for streamlined loading and unloading
  • Single 50 ft., 6 AWG/5C power cable
  • Distributes power to Command Centre
  • Ultra-light data cable: 300 ft. weighs only 15 lbs.
  • Daisy-chainable data cable; connects to tools or command centre
  • Operates from command centre or independently


  • Electrical:
    • Power Requirement: 480 VAC Three-phase, 90A, 75kW
    • Power Distribution:
      • 1 x 240 VAC Single-phase, 25A
      • 2 x 120 VAC Single-phase, 15A
      • 1x 240 VAC Three-phase, 60A
    • Dimensions & Weight:
      • 5’ wide x 45’ long x 12’ tall
      • Dry Weight: 37,000 lbs.