About Us

Precise Tank Cleaning Tools is a North American company that specializes in tank cleaning equipment.


We offer our customers customized and personalized tank cleaning equipment for general and specific applications in a timely manner.  We don’t just provide products – we offer full solutions by integrating our:

  • Superior technological understanding of tank cleaning systems
  • Fully automated control systems
  • Remotely monitored and accessible systems
  • In-house designed leading edge tooling

Directional, live tank cleaning is just one of the many new innovative technologies that we have designed.  From state of art remotely controlled water blasting cannons from our dynamic multi control HPU unit, to robotic manned and unmanned track machines, we offer a large arsenal of diversified robotic units.

Our superior experience in remote water jet tooling further enhances our ability to supply state of the art product to our customer base ensuring they lead in their chosen field.  We take great pride in supplying new innovative solutions to old and aged problems.