Water Blast Cannons

Explosion proof, fully automated.

Camera & Lighting System

Explosion proof, remotely operated.

Tool Design, Manufacturing and Rentals for the Tank Cleaning, Plant Turnaround and Pipeline Cleaning Industries.

Canadian Made

Easy Maintenance

Class 1 Division 1 Certified



High Pressure Water Blast Cannons

High pressure water cannons built for the harshest environments.

Robotics and Tracked Machines

Our offering of manned and unmanned tank cleaning robots.

Independent Camera and Lighting Systems

Our independent camera and lighting systems are designed for user friendly quick maneuverability.

Tank Sweeps

Rugged simplicity with automated or manual control.

High Power Lighting System

Universal Control Cab and HPU

Centralized control for all Precise products.

Split Flanges

Mini Control Station and Mini HPU

Universal controls in a portable package.